Stallion is committed to taking adequate precautions related to the environment, health and safety standard while developing, manufacturing, storing, handling and distribution of products in its business. It is our policy to provide a workplace free from accidents, injuries and exposure to hazardous chemicals to conserve natural resources and prevent pollution for protecting the environment. In our commitment towards harnessing conventional energy we have installed solar energy system in our new facility so as to ensure less carbon emission.

Comply with applicable Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) legislation and statutory, regulatory and other requirements

Respond to community concerns regarding EHS and address them proactively in our operations

Integrate EHS considerations into business planning and decision making

Use process safety and management techniques like Safety Audits, Analysis, Operability Studies and Documentation of safety related information to minimize EHS associated with our operations

Equip ourselves to address EHS emergencies

Champion EHS responsibility among all the employees and impart the requisite training

Communicate our EHS policy and other concerns to our contractors and vendors and seek their compliance

Continually review objectives and set targets to improve our EHS performance

Provide organizational structure support and directive to achieve these objectives

This Policy is reviewed periodically for its continuing suitability to the organization’s current business